Avoiding Resentment Toward Your Spouse During the Medical Journey

February 8, 2018

Episode Notes

In the medical profession, saving a life always comes first. Sometimes that priority can unintentionally take over your personal life–no matter how bad you may want your spouse to be at an event or be there to support you, there are times when they need to stay at the hospital to help a patient.  These situations can be difficult and may lead to resentment from a physician’s spouse or family, even if the Dr. Spouse is not intentionally trying to choose career over family.  In this episode, Lara talks with marriage and family intern Sarah Epstein to get some advice on how we can better communicate with our spouses and have realistic expectations to keep our marriages strong during the medical journey.

About Sarah Epstein

Sarah Epstein is a marriage and family therapy intern, international speaker, and author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book “Love in the time of medical school: Build a happy, healthy relationship with a medical student”. She dated her husband Brian through medical school, where she did not lose her sanity or dump him thanks to productive relationship strategies. She and Dr. Husband live in Philadelphia where she is a master’s student at Thomas Jefferson University and he is an emergency medicine resident. Sarah blogs about medical relationships at www.Datingmed.com.

When she is not writing or seeing clients, Sarah loves to paint, cook, and listen to Brian’s stories about working in the emergency department. She is an avid traveler and has traveled to 23 countries since 2010, most recently presenting at an international family therapy conference at Oxford University. Brian and Sarah occasionally spend time together between Sarah’s clinical work, Brian’s clinical work, and laundry.

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