Embracing Flexibility and Keeping the Romance In Your Medical Marriage

December 21, 2017

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Episode Notes

As anyone married to a physician knows, most medical careers are not very flexible. Whether they are in medical school or working as an attending, your spouse’s medical career often sucks up a majority of their time, which can sometimes force the other aspects of their life to take a backseat.

In this episode, Lara will be talking to two different physician spouses who have mastered the art of flexibility to keep their marriages strong by using lots of creativity and a healthy sense of humor.  First, you’ll hear from Jenny Slate Grischkan, who learned the importance of flexibility early in her marriage when her husband had to attend a residency interview during their honeymoon.  Then, you’ll hear from Jamie Hilton, who found a creative way to celebrate her tenth anniversary with her husband despite his crazy work schedule during residency.

About Jenny

Jenny Slate Grischkan currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, Jon, who is a practicing Pediatric Otolaryngologist.  Jenny and her husband have been married for thirteen years, and Jenny is a stay-at-home mom to her two children, in addition to being a freelance editor and being an active part of her community.

About Jamie

Jamie Hilton grew up in Atlanta and fell in love with her husband, Sam, when she was sixteen-years-old.  They’ve now been married for ten years and Sam is currently in his first year of residency for Orthopedic Surgery.  Jamie and Sam have three children, ages four, five and six.




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