Finding My Voice As A Doctor’s Wife

February 1, 2018

Episode Notes

In this episode, the host of the podcast Lara McElderry will be sharing some stories from her own journey as a physician spouse and how she became inspired to start a podcast.  She’ll be talking about some of the struggles her and her husband faced in medical school when their two-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor, her decision to give up a great teaching job to support her husband, and how she dealt with several moves when her husband decided to change career paths.  She’ll also share some of the feelings of resentment and inadequacy she initially felt at having to fill the role of a stereotypical “doctor’s wife” and how she’s learned to appreciate herself and find her own voice.

Click here to see a timeline of Lara and Josh’s medical journey and click here to read Lara’s article in Physician Family Magazine.


About Lara

Lara McElderry is the podcast host and founder of Married to Doctors.  Her and her husband got married before he decided to start down the medical path.  For the past sixteen years, they’ve struggled and triumphed through the MCAT, medical school, residency, and fellowship with several twists and turns along the way, including a specialty change. In addition to this, they both knew they wanted children, and bravely brought five boys into the world!  Their sons range in age from fourteen to four.

Lara has learned through her own experiences that being married to a physician is not an easy journey, but she’s also realized that having the right mindset can help make a successful home happier.

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