Are you married to a doctor?

Do you find being married to a doctor isn’t as glamorous as society assumes?

From MCAT to Match Day to Boards and Contract Negotiations, this is not an easy path.  In fact, it often feels that having a physician spouse and having a relationship are polar opposites!

It is common to feel resentment, friction, and stress in your relationship despite how much you love each other.

Hi, I’m Lara and I’m the podcast host and founder of Married to Doctors.

My husband and I got married before he decided to start down the medical path.  For the past sixteen years, we’ve struggled and triumphed through the MCAT, medical school, residency, and fellowship with several twists and turns along the way, including a specialty change.

In addition to this, we both knew we wanted children, and we bravely brought five boys into the world!  Our sons range in age from fourteen to four.

I’ve learned through my own experiences that being married to a physician is not an easy journey, but I’ve also realized that having the right mindset can help make a successful home happier.

I’ve always had a passion for facilitating discussion, and I’m excited to have this space where we can address things like:

  • Money: from food stamps to six figures
  • Parenting: How to not yell at our children, especially at bedtime!
  • Taking care of ourselves:  not feeling like the martyr in the relationship
  • More peace with ourselves and others
  • And, of course, what in the world to eat for dinner!

The Mission Statement is simple: Making Successful Homes Happier.  We strive to do this by building community, sharing our stories, and exploring solutions. I would love to serve you better! please fill out this survey.

I promise to look at each one.  

If you are interested in being a guest on the podcast or submitting a blog post, please contact me at

Lots of Love,