What I Learned From Being Hit By A Drunk Driver While My Husband Was in Medical School

December 5, 2017

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Episode Notes

What I Learned From Being Hit By A Drunk Driver While My Husband Was in Medical School, An interview with Lisa Jorgensen from Making Life Blissful 

When Lisa Jorgensen’s husband decided to change careers and attend medical school, she knew it would be challenging to continue raising their family with her husband’s new demanding schedule, but she never imagined just how challenging it would actually be. During her husband’s second year of medical school, when Lisa was six months pregnant with their third child, she was hit by a drunk driver while walking on her way to pick her daughter up from school.  Though she miraculously survived, the accident left her with multiple severe injuries throughout her body and no assurances that she would be able to safely deliver her baby.

It’s been ten years since Lisa’s accident, and in this episode you’ll get the chance to hear Lisa tell her story of how she survived the accident and her family’s long road of physical and emotional recovery.  You’ll also hear the many lessons she learned during the experience, including how she’s learned to stay positive, even in the most difficult situations.

To read more about Lisa’s story, see her guest blog post, Our Medical School Miracle.

About Lisa

Lisa Jorgensen is just a regular freckled-faced girl who is determined to find the good things in life.  She believes life is meant to be blissful if you make it happen, and she tries to find the positive, even in hard times (and when there’s not enough chocolate in the house!)  She was in an auto-pedestrian accident caused by an intoxicated driver during her last pregnancy and learned a lot about her own perspective in life.  Lisa runs a family lifestyle blog called Making Life Blissful and fills it with realistic family activities, kid crafts, delicious recipes, and useful life lessons.  She also runs a little Etsy Shop full of her crazy craft kits and printables.  Outside of blogging, you’ll usually find her watching sunsets, taking long walks with her family, and doing laundry.

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