Making Successful Homes Happier

December 4, 2017

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Episode Notes

Welcome to Married to Doctors!  Whether you are in a relationship with a doctor, a doctor yourself, or just looking for ways to improve your life, we’re glad you’re here!  

The Married to Doctors podcast is a space where people from all different backgrounds can find a community, explore solutions and share stories about the unique challenges that come from being in a relationship with someone choosing a career in the medical profession. The host of Married to Doctors is Lara McElderry, who has been navigating the medical world for the last sixteen years as she’s supported her husband through medical school, residency, a specialty change, fellowship, as well as raising five boys.  She hopes the podcast will inspire others to share and implement ideas for how to make successful homes happier.

In this first episode, Lara will be sharing some stories from her own experiences as a medical wife, as well as giving a brief overview of what you can expect from the podcast in upcoming episodes, such as real stories from medical spouses, interviews with experts and discussions of relevant topics like finances, parenting advice and how to keep a marriage strong during the medical journey.  We hope you’ll join our community to find support and connections as you strive to make your own successful home happier!  

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