No One Ever Appreciates Dr. Spouses…Or Do They?

December 5, 2017

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Episode Notes

No One Ever Appreciates Dr. Spouses…Or Do They?  An interview with Christina Schuetz

Being married to a doctor can sometimes be challenging when you feel like no one understands or recognizes the sacrifices you are making to support your spouse in their demanding career.  But even though you may not always hear it, there are many patients and their families who understand and are grateful for the sacrifices doctors and their families make to bring them health care.  

In this episode, Lara will be talking with Christina Schuetz, a grateful mom who wrote an inspiring letter to the wife of her physician, thanking her for sacrificing time with her husband so that he could be at the hospital to operate on her daughter.  Though Christina’s daughter did eventually pass away, she is still grateful for all of the hard work of the physicians who helped during that difficult time and appreciates the numerous sacrifices that physician spouses often make.  Click here to read Christina’s letter. 

About Christina

Christina Schuetz (pronounced exactly like shoots) is a wife, mother, writer, and former high school English teacher. She and her husband, Evan, enjoy country life in a small Michigan town. They are the proud parents of three children: Lillian, Sylvia, and Rowan. One year ago, her family suffered the devastating loss of Sylvia, who passed away at ten months old from Congenital Heart Disease. Since Sylvia’s passing, Christina has become dedicated to sharing Sylvia’s story in order to bring awareness to CHD and keep her daughter’s legacy alive.

    1. Wow! What a heart breaking and amazing story. I shed several tears!! She is JUST beautiful. Thank you to both of you for sharing. I am definitely enjoying your podcast! DrH is about 7 yrs into IGB, but I still can identify with a lot of your topics!

    1. Great job sharing Sylvia’s story, Christina! We’re so proud to have Evan and you as friends and blessed to have known Sylvia. We look forward to seeing her again someday. 🙂

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