The Truth About Doctor Families and Financial Planning

January 4, 2018

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Episode Notes

In today’s world, financial advice is everywhere, but not all of it is always applicable to physicians and their families.  In this episode, Lara will be having a conversation with Ryan Inman, a financial planner who is married to a Pediatric Pulmonologist and understands the unique challenges of finances in the medical profession.  In addition to giving advice on how to find a good financial planner, Ryan will also share his thoughts on medical debt and how physicians and their spouses can best keep control of their finances.

Click here to listen to Ryan’s podcast and click here to read his article about how Dave Ramsey’s financial planning is not ideal for doctors (article mentioned in the episode).

About Ryan

Ryan Inman graduated from the University of San Diego (USD) with a BA in Business Administration, an MA in Accounting and Financial Management, and an MA in Business Administration. During grad school, he worked at Merrill Lynch under a fantastic advisor, but soon realized that the average advisor in the industry was more concerned with selling financial products and obtaining new clients with investable assets than working with those who could really use the financial guidance to succeed in life.  Ryan decided to work with young physicians who were starting their careers and could really benefit from truly unbiased, quality financial advice. Visit to learn more about Ryan’s services and to subscribe to his podcast.



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