How to Turn Toward Your Spouse (Instead of Away) When Things Get Hard

December 28, 2017

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Episode Notes

With your spouse always putting in long hours at the hospital or constantly studying during medical school, do you ever feel like it’s hard to stay connected?  Do you get frustrated with the inconsistencies of a medical work schedule and wonder why your spouse can’t just be somewhere when they say they will?

In this episode Lara will be talking with Dr. Wally Goddard, who is one of the country’s leading family life educators and whose university career included research on key factors in strong relationships. Having close family members who are physicians, Dr. Goddard understands the unique challenges couples face in a medical marriage, and offers specific tips for couples to stay connected even when medical life prevents a consistent schedule or limited time to spend together.  He’ll also be discussing how we can learn to correctly interpret ‘bids for connection,’ those words or actions that our spouses say or do to get closer to us that we may not even realize.  

Book mentioned in podcast: “How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It” by Patricia Love and Steven Stosny

About Dr. Goddard

Wally Goddard is one of the country’s leading family life educators. He has written books, created a television series, and developed family programs to help people be happier and have stronger families. His university career included research on key factors in strong relationships.  He develops programs on parenting, marriage, youth development, and family relations.

Wally and his wife, Nancy, have three adult children, fourteen grandchildren, and have cared for twenty foster children over their 45-plus years of marriage.

To see a list of books written by Dr. Goddard, click here.

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